¿Cuál es la diferencia entre SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM? ¿Qué significan estas siglas? En realidad, solo se trata del nombre de las técnicas que puedes utilizar para que tu contenido , tu sitio web y tus redes sociales lleguen a más personas.  Ya no más dudas. Clever Click 360 te explica todo.

Estas es la diferencia entre SEO, SEM, SMO y SMM

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Search Engine Optimization is the series of processes that improve the presence of a website in organic search results. And this is something we must emphasize: these are not paid results.

How does it work? Google search engine results are based on relevance and quality. That means, SEO optimization is based on architecture, user experience and content improvement. But that's just on page just on page work. Off page SEO focus their efforts on linkbuilding and quality content.

diferencia SEO SEM SMO SMM


Search Engine Marketing is focused on pay-per-click campaigns based on keywords and, thus, appearing in search results. The most popular tool is Google Adwords. As you can already notice, the substantial difference with SEO is paid traffic.

diferencia SEO SEM SMO SMM


Social Media Optimization seeks to improve an organization's online presence. Similar to SEO, is about organically boosting the visibility of networks and its content. Here you must keep in mind two basic things: use the correct format, and your audience. There are a lot of ways you can tell your message, but magic happens when you and your audience empathize.

diferencia SEO SEM SMO SMM


Social Media Marketing refers to all the strategies that apply to social networks. It involves the content, even the frequency of posting and, of course, paid advertising on social networks. Its great advantage is segmentation, which allows you to reach exactly the people you want to reach.

diferencia SEO SEM SMO SMM

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